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Project Timeline

June 2018–July 2018

Project Type

Landing page


  • Lead Designer

    Connor Murphy
  • Creative Director

    Aaron Stump

  • Front-End Engineer

    Jon Wheeler

  • VP, Design Education

    Aarron Walter
  • Director, Design Education

    Eli Woolery

My Contribution

  • Website design

I led the design of the Conversations platform on the design education website by InVision. The full website consists of lessons, podcasts, interviews, and more, all with the idea of teaching design, and showcasing how the world’s best design teams work together and get shit done. DesignBetter.Co started as a design podcast, but we slowly introduced more materials and different mediums. Conversations was introduced as long form interview content that included inline videos, images, and sound clips from the best design teams.

I designed this new addition to the site with scalability and readability in mind.


Final Direction


Shopify Blog — 01 / 05


RingCentral Blog — 03 / 05