RingCentral Blog

03 / 05

Project Timeline

June 2020–August 2020

Project Type

Blog Overhaul


My Contribution

  • System Design

  • Page Layout & Design

  • Brand Direction

RingCentral came to us with a request for a blog overhaul. Their current blog was very outdated, and didn’t reflect their brand anymore. They wanted something modern, fresh, and that had a lot of versatility. They wanted to add in different types of media that they weren’t currently able to do, due to tech limitations.

For this, they wanted something to match their new branding, but they were also looking for something more editorial that would reflect the content they were looking to start implementing.

We decided to break the grid a bit, and design something that was visually flexible, but also flexible within their CMS. This allowed them to mix and match a bunch of different components while keeping the blog dynamic and not super gridded.

Components that I designed to be used across a number of different pages.


Everything we designed, we designed with tablet & mobile versions in mind. RingCentral noted that 71% of their blog readers are on a mobile or tablet device, so we knew we had to put a lot of work into our responsive versions.


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