InVision Events

04 / 05

Project Timeline

October 2019-November 2019

Project Type

Landing page


  • Lead Designer

    Connor Murphy
  • Creative Director

    Jason Santa Maria

  • Content Strategy

    Wynne Renz

  • Senior Event Coordinator

    Laura Hart

  • VP of Brand & Content

    Susan Kaplow

  • Front-End Engineer

    Jon Wheeler

My Contribution

  • Art direction

  • Landing page design

  • Social

Most recently, I created an events hub for InVision. We had all these great events, but they were scattered and hard to find. We wanted to create a simple page that houses all of our events that’s easily accessible from our website.

Design+, webinars, Design Talks, Fireside chats. InVision did it all, hosting every kind of virtual and IRL event to empower and educate designers. Eventually, the lines got a bit blurred. These events were scattered across different site pages, hard to find, and the niche branding associated with them faded as time went on.

To reflect InVision’s updated programming and demand generation strategy, I created a new hub that consolidated and united ongoing events. We aimed to keep it simple, easy to find and understand, and even easier to sign up and join.

Design Exploration

Final Direction


After launching and marketing this new events hub through social media, we saw an uptick of 3% in event registrations as well as 2.5% increase in opportunities. This project was along time coming, and we finally had a home that hosted all of our different event types in one location.


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